It's time to add another chapter to The War Z's hefty book of failures.

Apparently even the United States Patent and Trademark Office has a bone to pick with The War Z developers Hammerpoint Interactive. The USPTO notified Hammerpoint on Nov. 15 that its trademark for The War Z had been suspended due to similarities with Paramount's upcoming film World War Z.

The best part is that means that Hammerpoint released the game on Steam on Dec. 17 knowing full well that the USPTO would come knocking at some point. Good thing Valve removed The War Z from Steam before that could occur, right?

Hammerpoint's Executive Producer Sergey Titov made the hole he's dug himself a little deeper on Monday when he claimed that the whole thing was a lie. Really, man? It's right there on the USPTO website for anyone to see.

It seems some people just can't learn their lesson.

[via USPTO via neoGAF]