That ridiculous situation surrounding a petition to have CNN host Piers Morgan deported from the United States for his stance on gun control and the Second Amendment just got a little more ridiculous: According to Newser, another petition has popped up on the White House's petition site, We the People - this one originating from Morgan's native UK, calling for him to stay in the US because "no one in the UK wants him back."

The new counter-petition, which was started yesterday, doesn't have nearly as many votes as the original, "deport Piers Morgan" one does - roughly 2600 signatures versus roughly 77,000 - but it's funny nonetheless. From the description:

We want to keep Piers Morgan in the USA. There are two very good reasons for this. Firstly, the first amendment. Second and the more important point. No one in the UK wants him back.

Actually there is a third. It will be hilarious to see how loads of angry Americans react.

Morgan, who has been vocal on his Twitter feed about the first petition, commented on the new petition just earlier today.

Well...there's always Canada.

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[via Newser]