The Heavy: For The Motherland!

Key Roles: Crowd Control, Conquer and Hold

Best For: Anyone who doesn't like dying

Who needs to aim when you can fire two-hundred dollar, custom-tooled cartridges at ten thousand rounds per minute? They may call it pray-and-spray, but The Heavy's not really the religious type. So long as he's got snacks for the road or his best friend, The Medic, odds are you'll be able to perch on the battlefield and completely dominate the surrounding area until it's time to charge. Just try not to catch any Sniper bullets in your big fat head.

Loadout A: Huo-Long Heater, Shotgun, Gloves of Running Urgently

Once the Scout's captured the point, it's going to need a big man to hold it. This strategy works best with a Medic at your side, but the Gloves of Running Urgently will get you to the point faster than you would otherwise and once you're there, the Huo-Long Heater will deal damage to anyone who even tries to come close. That thing runs out of bullets quick though, so having a trusty Shotgun on standby is important for those last few minutes.

Loadout B: Natascha, Sandvich, Fists of Steel 

Sometimes you just have do things all by yourself if you want them done right. This loadout is designed for when you've got a choke point to defend and no Medic to heal you. Natascha will keep your enemies at bay by slowing them down, providing you with some additional distance for when you need to refuel with the delicious Sandvich. If you find yourself without bullets or brothers in arms, the Fists of Steel will reduce damage taken from bullets forcing enemies up close and personal for a little Russian justice.