The Demoman: Ka-Boom!

Key Roles: Defending Objectives, Blowing Shit Up

Best For: Folks who enjoy a well-placed trap

It takes a lot of skill to play The Demoman effectively. In addition to having a mastery over geometry in motion so you can ricochet your grenades directly into your enemy's face, you also need to be adept at the art of deception. A great Demoman can lay traps with sticky grenades and have opponents walk right into them for an explosive goodbye.

Loadout A: Loch-n-Load, Scottish Resistance, Ullapool Caber

While that bloody Sniper's too busy having a pissing match with the enemy team's, it's up to you to defend the intel. The Scottish Resistance increases the damage and overall number of sticky grenades you can place from 8 to 14, allowing you to completely coat a room in high-powered explosives and detonate them individually rather than blowing your whole load at once. The Loch-n-Load will have your foes rethinking storming your castle as it increases damage on direct hits, provided your aim is true. If they do manage to make it through your hall of horrors, the Ullapool Caber will let you smack them upside the head with a live grenade. Come get some!

Loadout B: Bootlegger, Splendid Screen, Scotsman's Skullcutter 

Being typecast is bullshit, so break the mold by playing a Demoman that doesn't even use explosives! You'll be able to build up a charge meter with the Splendid Screen and bum-rush enemies across the battlefield, swinging your Scotsman's Skullcutter at their precious necks and lopping off their itty bitty heads. Trading in your normal feet for a peg-leg with the Bootlegger will give you additional turning control mid-charge so you can chase down even the wiliest of victims.