Guinness World Records has honored one man for having the longest-held record in video game history. Empire Arcadia's Todd Rogers set the record in Dragster, one of Activision's first games, in 1982, and no one's been able to beat it in the 30 plus years since.

What's remarkable about Rogers' record is that he beat the score of a computer that was supposed to have been programmed to make a perfect run of the game. The computer scored 5.54 in the quarter-mile race, yet Rogers beat it with a 5.51.

Rogers had the following to say, according to Empire Arcadia:

I would like to first thank Guinness World Record for recognizing the anniversary of my accomplishment in gaming. I would like to also thank all those who support competitive gaming for the work [Twin Galaxies' Walter Day] has done for us back then to what competitive gaming is now. I finally would like to thank my gaming team Empire Arcadia for its continued work and support for gaming over all. I will continue to represent them to the best of my ability by honoring its legacy in competitive gaming.

Being recognized by Guinness World Records is no small feat. Now excuse us while we dust off our old Atari and see whether we can beat his score.

[via Empire Arcadia]