Apple is not wasting any time with upgrading the iPhone 5, which launched this past September. Peter Misek, an analyst from Jefferies, the global investment bank and institutional securities firm, released a report of features and a tentative date for the next Apple smartphonethe iPhone 5S.

What's more, Misek predicts some big changes. The iPhone 5S, which we should expect to drop by June 2013, will feature an IGZO screen for Retina+, a super HD camera/screen, NFC capability, 128GB of storage and a longer battery life. Additionally, similar to iPod models, the 5S will drop in six to eight different colors. 

Last year when everyone was expecting Apple to release the iPhone 5, Misek successfully predicted the upgraded model would be the iPhone 4S. 

Are there certain features you would like to see added to the iPhone 5S? Do you think Apple is rushing the release of another smartphone?

[Business Insider via Daily Tech]