Click Here to Buy it Now from T-Mobile, $200 (w/two-year contract)

Click Here to But It Now from Google Play, $300 - $350 (Unlocked) 

LG lucked out when it scored the manufacturing rights to Google’s new flagship phone. The end product: an amazing smartphone that boasts powerful benchmarks and a gorgeous look. Despite its lack of LTE support, the Nexus 4’s 1.5GHz quad-core picks up the performance slack by zipping through all onscreen interactions and delivering speedy results. Visuals look great on the 4.7-inch True HD IPS+, plus Jelly Bean integration makes for a smoother Android experience. One of the Nexus 4's best features, however, has nothing to do with its specs. It's the price. The fact that you can buy this phone for $300 unlocked is ridiculous. Buying a phone with competing specs without a contract will run you double the coin. Remarkable.