City: Tallahassee, FL
Date: November 2012

Though Florida A&M drum major Robert Champion died after being beaten on a bus in Orlando during a hazing ritual in November 2011, the ugliness played out in the media during 2012. Champion, 26, was engaged in a ritual known as crossing the bus, where pledges attempt to run down the center aisle while being attacked. Charges were brought against 13 band members, the band director was suspended, and university president James Ammons resigned on the day that Champion's family filed a lawsuit against the university.

The Champions sued FAMU, the bus company, and the driver in wrongful death suits. In September, the university responded to the lawsuit, blaming Champion for his own death, saying that he broke the law when he took part in the hazing ritual that killed him. They offered the Champion's a $300,000 settlement, which the family promptly rejected.

Last month, FAMU asked a judge to dismiss the case because Champion was aware of what he was doing. The case has forced many universities to re-evaluate their hazing processes, but only time will tell if Champion's death truly resonates.

[via News One]