A lot of The Situation’s behavior during Jersey Shore's past two seasons could most likely be attributed to the alcoholism and pill addiction he finally acknowledged earlier this year. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that he acted batshit insane during the show's fifth season. He’s never been a particularly likeable character, and he was generally more known by the public for taking his shirt off and saying things like “We got a Situation!” than actually doing anything. In the fifth season, though, he really managed to stand out.

Unfortunately, it was for all the wrong reasons. Mainly, he became obsessed with ruining the happiness Snooki had found with her new, serious boyfriend Jionni, and kept threatening that he would tell Jionni about some alleged tryst they’d had at a party around the time that the two had begun dating. Snooki denied that any hook-up had ever happened, but Mike wouldn't let up. Every episode, there was just another threat to expose her lies that he never followed through on.

When he wasn’t threatening Snooks, Mike was busy whining about how no one in the house liked him (gee, we wonder why) and how he was the villain because “someone has to be.” In a way, it was almost fascinating to watch, albeit sad. That's when it truly became apparent that Jersey Shore had finally driven him crazy. Luckily, Mike entered rehab shortly after, and has now been sober for nearly a year. 

One day, there will be an E! True Hollywood story about all of this.