Golsena Gharachedaghi is an annoying human being. For one, she thinks she’s the Persian Kim Kardashian, and, as we’ve said before, anyone who compares themselves to Kim Kardashian in any form is an asshole. Additionally, in her first scene during the Shahs of Sunset pilot episode, GG talks a lot of game about being able to shoot a gun at a shooting range, but when it comes to actually doing it, she’s hardly able to manage pulling the trigger in her six-inch stilettos that cost more than most people’s rent.

That’s the thing about GG: She’s a lot of talk. She fashions herself as this refined, society darling who’s unemployed, supported financially by her father, hates bugs and “ugly people,” and never wears the same outfit twice because what is she, a farmer?

When it comes down to it, she’s not the special, golden snowflake she thinks she is—for instance, in a party scene she claims that she can tell the difference between cheap champagne and the expensive stuff by taste, right failing a taste test in front of everyone. Cue eye-rolls. Even Reza’s mustache is more bearable.