We would have included Ramona in the previous slide about her Mob Wives co-stars Karen and Drita, but after some deliberation, she's too special (read: annoying) to share a spot with anyone else.

Ramona is a new cast member who's introduced as the granddaughter of mobster Benjamin “Lefty Guns” Ruggiero, as well as the childhood friend of Karen, whom she’s so close to that they refer to each other as cousins. Her first episode on the show, in true Mob Wives fashion, is explosive: She gets in the middle of a discussion between Karen and Drita at a party, which causes all hell to break loose. One of the craziest fights of the series goes down, and so begins the season-long animosity between Karen and Drita.

Ramona’s interference in the fight is really indicative of her personality—she gets involved in things that she shouldn’t be involved in (like private conversations between two people) all under the guise that she’s “standing up” for the people she loves. So much of this season's unnecessary drama can be traced back to her. And while she may think she’s doing what she needs to do to stick up for her friends, we think she’s in need of some legit anger management sessions before she goes pulling anyone’s extensions out of their scalp.