There are a lot of bad things said about Kris Jenner and her parenting skills—for example, she clearly chooses Kim as her favorite child. If one were to restrict the reasons for why she was annoying this year, it actually has more to do with her marriage to Bruce Jenner.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians has never been known for its organic storylines, but the drama between Kris and Bruce this season reached a new level of bad. Basically, Bruce is clearly getting to the point in his life where he recognizes how ridiculous each and every one of the Kardashians really are, but unlike Scott Disick who seems to take it in stride and judge them loudly and as often as possible, Bruce self-medicates by staying away from everyone as much as he can on the golf course.

During one of these times, he runs into his “old friend,” model Angie Everhart, and the two begin to golf together. Kris hears, and decides to go “discreetly” spy on him (along with Kim and the whole E! camera crew) because she doesn’t know what the word “discreetly” means. After she sees them getting all cozy on the course, she figures the best course of action is to meet up with her ex-boyfriend for “closure,” and considers letting Bruce out of his contract divorcing Bruce. Said meeting doesn’t go as planned, though. Her ex-boyfriend is a gigantic asshole, and Kris has the epiphany that her marriage to Bruce is awesome after all. Problem solved!

Or not. Clearly, the producers and Kris learned nothing from the fake wedding between Kim and Kris Humphries, because this whole plot was so contrived that it was painful to watch. But hey, maybe we’re wrong—perhaps the momentary breakdown of Kris and Bruce’s marriage was real. Maybe it all started when he killed her swan. We’ll never know.

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