Watching Married to Jonas really makes you wonder why anyone would ever actually want to be married to Kevin Jonas. No one expects the show to be quality viewing (after all, it is on E!), but unfortunately it’s so bad that it’s nearly unwatchable by reality television standards. And we as Americans watch a lot of shit.

The show follows Kevin Jonas, his wife Danielle Deleasa, and their respective in-laws. Viewers are supposed to find themselves endeared to Kevin and Danielle as they juggle their marriage, careers, and pleasing the demands of their families. It's too bad that the show manages to do the exact opposite in its 20-minute (plus commercial breaks) intervals. 

The worst, hands down, is Kevin. We’re not sure why producers thought that presenting Kevin as a whiny dude who’s constantly talking about how he feels he can’t sing as well as his brothers would make any of us like him, but that was the course of action they chose to take in the editing room.

Example:  One specific scene shows Danielle just getting home, exhausted from a particularly busy day, when Kevin arrives and wants to talk. Danielle listens to his problems—once again, to do with his insecurities about his ability to sing—before nicely asking if they can talk about it later because she’s tired and needs to rest. Kevin is hurt by this for some reason, and he proceeds to follow her around the kitchen, through the hallway, and up the stairs towards their bedroom asking her why she never listens to him and that he really needs her help.

No one likes a whiny bitch, especially when they’re a moderately famous singer with more money in the bank than any of us will ever earn per year in our lifetimes. No sympathy here, bro.