Jenelle Evans has made a lot of questionable decisions during her time as a reality television star, mainly related to drug use and her inability to be a fit parent for her child, but her actions in a recent episode of Teen Mom 2 really just put a cherry on the misguided cake. See, Jenelle is facing prison for drug charges. She's given the choice between a 16-day stint in jail or a year-long probation with frequent drug tests. Her lawyer proposes both options to her, and she’s ready to go with the former.

That is, until she realizes that the court dates conflict with a Ke$ha concert that she has tickets to, and she totally can’t miss that because she’s already spent money on clothes, hotels, and feather extensions for her hair in preparation. Also, Ke$ha is her “idol” who she watches on YouTube “30 times a day,” instead of, you know, taking care of her child. Youth really is wasted on the young.