We’re not going to lie—the first episode of Breaking Amish was that sort of trash television TLC specializes in that you can’t help but love. It knowingly exploited the innocence of a group of young Amish people who had never so much as been on a plane, yes, but there was something wildly entertaining about watching someone marvel at something like a clock radio because they hadn’t ever had one before. Unfortunately, TLC messed up majorly with this one, because soon after the show premiered, reports began coming out that no one on the show was actually who they said they were.

Rebecca and Abe, who supposedly met for the first time in the pilot episode, had actually been dating for years and have a child together. Kate, who wanted to pursue modeling, had actually left her Amish community years ago and is on the outs with her family after she got a DUI. Jeremiah, who claimed it was his first time leaving his family’s farm, actually left when he was 18, and at the time of the show he was in his thirties.

Most people who watch reality television don’t expect much of what happens to actually be real, but the fact that everyone basically lied about their entire lives on the show doesn’t make it worth watching anymore.