Notable Jewish Moment: The Egyptians find out Moses is a Jewish prince, after he's spoken to by a burning bush/God. Also, he really guilts the shit out of everyone before breaking the stone tablets. Chill, B.
Classic Quote: "Let my people go!"

No list of Jewish movie characters would be complete without Charlton Heston's take on Moses (and also, controversally, the voice of God). He wasn't the only or the last one to play the protagonist of Exodus on the silver screen, but director Cecil B. DeMille's final and most famous film was as much a career-defining moment for Heston as it was for Moses, as the guy who liberated the Jews from Egypt finally received the epic hero treatment the Old Testament asked for.

But does it age well? If you're watching The Ten Commandments for the camp factor, sure: It's off the charts. Otherwise, talk about traif: Heston's ham-fisted performance as a larger than life biblical figure—who may, in fact, be one of the more manly-men Jews in movie history—in a weirdly white-washed movie makes Moses less of a commanding leader of the people, and more a self-righteous prick who won't let up after he finally gets what he wants.