Notable Jewish Moment: He's a voodoo doctor who sings in Yiddush.
Classic Quote: [Picks up the dead Wesley's arm, and drops it with a thud on the table.] "I've seen worse."

Billy Crystal's Jewish, he's played plenty of Jews, and he's one of the modern masters of contemporary Jewish humor. And yet, Miracle Max—one of his most Jew-ish characters ever—isn't explicitly Jewish. Then again, does Judaism even exist in the kind of magical, but mostly witty kingdom in which The Princess Bridetakes place? Not really, but if you must know, author-screenwriter William Goldman said Miracle Max is Jewish.

Max is basically a troll-doctor who had his royal medical license revoked by an evil king, and when brought the "almost-dead" hero pirate Westley if only for revenge. While he does it, Crystal manages to embody some of the oldest and most easily-identifiable Jewish-humor tropes in the world, in a role that's half-Gollum, half-Thousand Year-Old Man, and all brilliant.