Notable Jewish Moment: Correct use of Yiddish. Picky about food. Gets heartburn easily. Works with the diamond trade in New York City. Take your pick.
Classic Quote: "First the stone, Rosie. First the stone and then I'm gonna get you to a doctor, and not just any doctor, boychik, I'm gonna find you a nice Jewish doctor."

Guy Ritchie's gonzo British diamond-heist flick involves sleazy criminals from all backgrounds, of all stripes. The sole American in the group? A Jewish diamond dealer by way of New York named Cousin Avi, who backs a heist in which the thieves are dressed as Chasidic Jews.

Dennis Farina takes great lines and runs with them at full-speed. In a movie full of Guy Ritchie's machine gun-paced, razor-sharp British witticisms, Avi's scathing sense of humor and ruthlessness holds its own against an entire European menagerie of thugs, goons, and other assorted criminal elements, making him a smart-ass for the ages. Also: a reservoir of people looking for lines about how much they hate London.