Notable Jewish Moment: David's dad tells him, over the phone, that he has to find time to visit the nearest temple for Rosh Hashanah.
Classic Quote: [Standing in the rain outside the dorm building, ready to fuck up his anti-Semetic buddies] "Cowards!"

David Greene has it all: looks, athletic ability, smarts, and a really hot blonde swimmer (Amy Locane) lusting after him. So what could possibly be making dude's life a living hell? Oh, that's right: He's devoutly Jewish but can't let any of the close-minded students at his new prep school know about it. Having earned the position of the school's football squad's starting quarterback, he's already a source of envy for the insecure and douchey Charlie Dillon (Matt Damon)—once Charlie finds out that David prays while wearing a yamaka, it's over for Mr. Greene.

Well, not exactly. See, David is one tough son of a bitch, able to withstand petty insults, prejudiced teammates, and other religion-inspired problems on his way to watching that weasel Charlie get expelled for cheating on a history exam. The only way David could be any cooler is if he'd capped off Charlie's exit with, "Matzah luck to you, asshole!"