Notable Jewish Moment: In a dream-sequence, Vinz breakdances. To klezmer music.
Classic Quote: [Regarding the cartoon.] "Tom fucks Jerry's shit up."

The French black-and-white drama La Haine, about inner-city Paris hoodlums, was brilliant for everything its characters shouldn't have been: Vinz, a poor, French Jew who's into hip hop, obsessed with Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver, wants more than anything to be tough. His best friends are an Arab kid and a French-African. And he's out for revenge after one of their friends is put into a coma by the cops.

Instead of being the non-confrontational pacifist, Vinz is the firebrand of the group who's filled with rage. A blonde-haired, blue-eyed Jewish skinhead, Cassel's breakout character is everything the stereotype of who he could be isn't.