Of all the Real Housewives shows, the Beverly Hills version is undoubtedly the classiest—as classy as reality television can be, anyway. The women still get into screaming matches like the cast members of New Jersey and Orange County, but, unlike on those shows, the Beverly Hills women are still able to hold a certain air of elegance when they do. Or, maybe their faces are all just so botoxed that it’s hard to differentiate between their angry reactions and there passive expressions.

The frontrunner for classiest cast member on Beverly Hills, though? Hands down, it's Lisa Vanderpump. The London-born scene-stealer was successful long before she joined the Bravo program, and in addition to dabbling in acting, writing a column in Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine, and promoting a skincare line called Epione, she currently owns two successful restaurants in the Los Angeles area: Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills, and Sur in West Hollywood.

You've got to respect the ones who’ve got it together. Not to mention, a woman who can come up with phrases like “Maloof hoof” to describe co-star Adrienne Maloof’s shoe line.