At first glance, Gordon Ramsay comes off as a bit of an asshole—but, of course, an asshole who gets shit done, and we can respect that. Look a little deeper, though, and it becomes very apparent that Ramsay isn’t such a bad guy.

Here’s the thing: The dude is a pro at cooking and running restaurants, and he actually does genuinely care about his respective field. He comes off as an meanie on the four shows he has here in the states—Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, Hotel Hell, and MasterChef—but take one look at, say, the U.K. version of Kitchen Nightmares, or the British series Gordon Behind Bars) where he taught prison inmates how to cook) and it’s easy to see that Ramsay really loves what he does.

The asshole persona gets ratings, and you’d be mad too if you were going to people’s shitty restaurants to help them get better and they gave you a hard time. Ramsay wants the people he’s helping to succeed. Also, who doesn’t love watching British guys yell at people on TV? Imagine if Simon Cowell and this guy got into it on live television.