Sound Shapes

Developer: Queasy Games

Platforms: PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita

Release Date: August 7, 2012

Music games have had a hit-and-miss track record outside of the plastic instrument department. Where most have tried to encourage players to play along with a song by forcing them in set paths, shaped to the music, Sound Shapes treats itself like a traditional platformer but lets the elements of each level define the sounds you hear.

Collecting the tokens scattered throughout the levels adds additional complexities to the music, providing a very recognizable audio reward every time you succeed. Of course, none of this would be meaningful without an awesome selection of songs, and with entire level packs dedicated to the creations of artists like Deadmau5 and Beck, there is plenty of good tunes to enjoy.

Once the (rather short) campaign is finished, it's time to either make your own levels with the included editor, or hop online LittleBigPlanet style and enjoy some of the thousands of free downloadable player creations. Sound Shapes lets you play part to the music in the best possible way.