FTL: Faster Than Light

Developer: Subset Games

Platforms: PC

Release Date: September 14, 2012 

FTL: Faster Than Light is a pretty phenomenal indie success story. One of the few projects to make it out of Kickstarter purgatory and into the hands of the people who backed it, FTL delivers a detailed space combat system that offers a depth that more refined games lack.

It takes a strong mind to truly master the elements at work in FTL, but the rewarding feeling after completing a successful mission makes it all worthwhile. You can easily drive yourself mad managing the minutia of the game, but in truth, it probably should; running a spaceship ain't easy.

The soundtrack by Ben Prunty is a pleasant addition, filled with hopeful tunes that'll have you looking up to the skies and cursing yourself for being born before the generation of frequent space travel. Since it's not likely you'll be able to jetset about the stars anytime soon, Faster Than Light makes a good substitute for now.