Developer: Polytron

Platforms: Xbox 360

Release Date: April 13, 2012 

For all the delays to release and trials creator Phil Fish underwent creating FEZ, the game turned out to be well worth the effort. Blending the puzzle-platformer genre with a unique dimension-shifting mechanic, FEZ showed players a brand new perspective on an otherwise tired concept.

While the initial release wasn't without its fair share of technical flaws, the concepts the game put forth were relatively well executed and gave players something fresh to enjoy over the industry's dry season. What makes FEZ more than just a typical game with a unique gimmick is its ability to teach players about the difference between dimensional perspectives through its gameplay.

Complete with a 4D tesseract acting as your Navi-like spirit guide, the game is a clever elaboration on the flatlander concept that never feels like a lecture. There are parts that'll leave you scratching your head, but in the best way possible. Making you feel clever for completing its trickier puzzles is what this game does best, and we're glad to have it in our collections.