Developer: Right Square Bracket Left Square Bracket Inc.

Platforms: PlayStation 3

Release Date: July 17, 2012 

Taking cues from creators like Jeff Minter and Tetsuya Mizuguchi, Shawn McGrath and David Kanaga have made something that most could never even begin to conceptualize. A shape-shifting synthesis of light, action, and sound, DYAD is a full-bodied experience that grabs on to your mind and begs you to stay with it as long as you can.

The sheer intensity of battling the glut of sensation it throws at you creates this unmistakable feeling of intangible euphoria that drives you to succeed just to stay with it a little longer. DYAD is not a game you can just beat though, it becomes part of you once you finish.

If that sounds overly dramatic and a little cosmic-hippy, it probably should. Then again, if it does, you probably haven't experienced all that the game has to offer. For all of the delights its brightly colored presentation and heart-pumping soundtrack have to offer, it's the melding of all its elements to create a surprisingly emotional trip that makes DYAD stand out from the crowd.