Wasteland 2

Creator: Brian Fargo (inXile Entertainment)

Date Ended: April 17, 2012

Initial Goal: $900,000

Final Amount: $2,933,197

Kickstarter Link 

Brian Fargo helped see some great games when he founded Interplay. Games like Planescape: Torment, MDK, Bauldur's Gate, and Fallout all flourished under his banner. Wasteland, a post-apocalyptic RPG originally published in 1988 caught much attention, but after Interplay went bankrupt, its legacy was cast into the abyss of games forgotten.

Kickstarter represented an opportunity to revitalize the game for Fargo, it offered a chance for the community - who had been asking for a sequel for years - to put their money where their mouth was and fund the project themselves. Going up against the new breed of publishers, Fargo had no success, but in the hands of fans who never forgot how great the original was, his campaign achieved tremendous success.

The project has been frequently updated since funding concluded and the team at inXile has done a good job of posting the details of the mechanics and some rather glorious artwork to stave off the hungry anticipation surrounding the game. The quality of the final product is unknown - there's no telling how good a retro-revival like this will turn out - but there's a good deal of hope now that the project's been given more money than they needed and have the freedom to make it as good as it possibly can be.