Shadowrun Returns

Creator: Jordan Weisman (Harebrained Schemes)

Date Ended: April 29, 2012

Initial Goal: $400,000

Final Amount: $1,836,447

Kickstarter Link 

The recipe for success on Kickstarter seems to be mixing a beloved property with notable industry talent and packing in a few worthwhile rewards for the backers. Jordan Weisman may not be a name that's overly well known in the video game industry, but those who are aware of his previous work - Mage Knight, Heroclix, I Love Bees, and Crimson Skies - know that his name is synonymous with quality tabletop experiences and engrossing fantasy worlds.

After the 2007 travesty of a game that was published by Microsoft and his own FASA studios, Weisman sought to reclaim the purity of his Shadowrun franchise by developing a new RPG set in the cyberpunk world of high-tech and magic. His turn to Kickstarter was part of a growing concern that no publisher would fund the project or treat it with the sincerity it deserved; a legitimate fear after his last efforts were shoehorned into a Windows Vista marketing tool.

Gamers don't forget the good times they have with particular franchises and as seen by the success of this campaign, sometimes they're willing to forgive shortcomings if it means getting better products in the future. Shadowrun Returns couldn't exist without the fans (no publisher in their right mind would pay for it), and that's kind of what this platform is all about. We're still waiting to get the game, but plenty of updates detailing elements of the game have been provided which have kept fans in the loop while they wait.