Origin 50% Off Sale

Retailer: Origin

Highlights: Mass Effect 3 ($14.99), Saints Row: The Third - Full Package ($24.99), Dragon Age II ($9.99), FIFA Soccer 13 ($19.99), Dead Space 2 ($9.99), Bulletstorm ($9.99)

Link: http://bit.ly/Tz0CWK 

Rather than dealing with all the trouble of bundling games up in special deals, rotating hourly discounts, or even highlighting anything in particular, Origin is offering a flat 50% off a majority of the titles in their main catalog. You'll be able to get nearly anything you've had your eye on - especiall EA published games - for half-price until January 3rd 2013.

The discounts are heavy, but some of Steams prices are beating it and without price fluctuation at Origin, it might be best to hold off on grabbing these ones as a last-minute check just in case Steam doesn't put your most wanted on sale.