Double Fine Amnesia Fortnight (Pay What You Want)

Retailer: Humble Bundle

Price: Pay-What-You-Want


Probably most notable for their recent KickStarter success, Double Fine is a company that knows how to cater to its fans. This year, their annual Amensia Fortnight gamejam project has been broadcast and turned over to the public. Shortly after the THQ Humble Bundle launched, Tim Schafer and company started offering prototypes for their potential upcoming games on the site. It's still available if you're interested in taking a look at what goes on behind the scenes at the studio and want to catch a glimpse of what could be coming down the line if Schafer can find a publisher he likes.

The deal's pay-what-you-want, but anything over the average (currently: $7.10) will get you all of the content, including the original prototype of Costume Quest and some nice videos from 2 Player Productions.