Developer: EA Canada
Publisher: EA Sports

When EA Sports Big released the original SSX, it was a revolution: A snowboarding game that shrugs off the pains of accuracy for a balls-out headtrip, instead. Riders doing headstands on their boards in triple-time trick modes as their sock each other in the jaw on the way down a mountain? Why not? But the formula got tired after four installments, and EA shelved the series after SSX Blur in 2007.

The reboot, released in February, was a revelation: By re-revolutionizing the snowboarding game, it reminded gamers who'd played the original just how innovative, creative, and downright brilliant it was. The graphics, lush, the characters, hilarious, and the gameplay is as perfect as it could be (with a halfway decent story mode, too). Over-the-top, and resembling nothing even remotely close to real snowboarding physics, yes. But who hasn't wanted to ride in Antarctica? The only thing that could make this game any better is if EA announced a re-boot of the only other EA Sports Big game that mattered, NBA Street. This, however, will do for now.

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