Writer: Brian Wood
Artists: Kristian Donaldson, Garry Brown

Taking place in a world where environmental catastrophes have irrevocably changed the globe from both a political and social standpoint, The Massive focuses on a group of environmentalists on their ship, The Kapital, as they search for their sister vessel, named, yes, The Massive. It’s a book that explores the geo-political landscape in a world that has been hurled to the edge of chaos.

Pirates and anarchists have hunkered down in the remnants of cities where lawlessness, greed, and murder have become global pastimes. Writer Brian Wood brings all of this to life with meticulous accuracy and enough political savvy to have an understanding of where society would logically go if this “Crash” ever actually happened.

Similar to The Walking Dead, The Massive isn’t so much about the “Crash” itself as much as it is the human response to it. While Callum Israel and his band of environmentalists desperately try to get to the bottom of these events, they continue to peel back the seedy layers of a world gone to hell.

This is the second book on our countdown from writer Brian Wood, and he has again proven why he is one of the best writers in the industry. Simply put, The Massive is dangerous, revealing things about humanity we don’t like to admit. And artists like Kristian Donaldson and Garry Brown help bring this dystopian universe to life in a way that's realistic yet stylized enough to drive the point home.

The Massive has been somewhat under the radar since its launch earlier in the year, but the last three issues, in particular, have been so stellar that we don’t think the series will be ignored for much longer. It's a book you need to be picking up if you want a workout for both your eyes and brain.