Soundcloud, increasingly the Web's go to resource for embedded audio, has just rolled out a big redesign. The new site doesn't reinvent the wheel, but features larger artwork, profile photos and audio player, which now extends to each end of the screen when you view the page for an individual sound. Transitions between pages are also noticeably snappier and more seamless.

The homepage of the new Soundcloud borrows a few elements from Twitter and Vimeo, featuring one large photo (with sample sound) and offering users the ability to "Hear the world's sounds."

One of the coolest new features is the ability for sounds to keep playing in the background even if you navigate to a different page on the site. This goes a long way to improving the browsing experience for those times when you want to hear one track while clicking around looking for another. And there are now finally in-site volume controls.

Along with the redesign, Soundcloud announced that it has surpassed 180 million active users per month across web and mobile, an impressive number by any measure. Play something on the new Soundcloud yourself.

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[via Tech Crunch]