We recently reported on a rumor that Darkseid will be the main villain in the upcoming Justice League movie, and now Latino Review is further backing up that claim with a post on which comic book story the film might be taking its inspiration from. According to the site, writer Will Beall is taking some of the plot for the movie from Justice League of America #183-185 by writer Gerry Conway and artist George Perez.

In this story, Darkseid plans to destroy Earth by hitting it with a beam that would move the planet Apokolips into Earth’s place. The story also featured the League working with the Justice Society from the parallel Earth-2, who we’re confident will play no part in the movie. So while the scheme of destroying Earth with Apokolips might be in the script, some of the other details will likely be left out.

Again, this is yet another rumor to throw on the heap as we try to get more concrete information about Warner Brothers’ upcoming superhero ensemble piece.

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[via Latino Review]