Now that filming for Jersey Shore is officially over and the show's series finale is only two days away, cast member Pauly D is free to focus on starring in a reality show of his own - but that doesn't necessarily mean it will be on the network that practically created his career. According to TMZ, MTV is eager to renew his Jersey Shore spin-off series, The Pauly D Project, for a second season, but Pauly is reportedly holding out on signing anything because E! is offering him more money to ink a deal with them.

Apparently, Pauly has already taken three meetings with E!, and is close accepting their offer of a show that will focus on his whole life, as opposed to just his DJ-ing career. This is actually an understandable move when you consider that The Pauly D Project didn't exactly do that great in the ratings when it premiered last March, and was on the bubble of cancellation most of its run anyway.

Poor MTV, though; break-ups are never easy. Hopefully they've found a good rebound in the upcoming Jersey Shore 2.0, Buckwild - but they should probably keep a pint of Ben & Jerry's in the fridge just in case.

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[via TMZ]

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