Rumors built steadily last week that T-Mobile would soon be offering the iPhone, and now the news is official. T-Mobile USA CEO John Legere confirmed at a conference in Germany today that the carrier will begin selling the iPhone in 2013, the last of the four major wireless companies to do so. Earlier today, T-Mobile owner Deutsche Telekom had issued a vague pronouncement that the company would begin selling unnamed Apple products.

Legere promised that the T-Mobile version of the iPhone would offer a "dramatically different experience" than those offered by competitors, although it's still far from clear what that might mean. Details of the deal, including what the iPhone cost T-Mobile after years of the company considering it too expensive, have yet to be made public. Last year, Sprint paid $20 billion to sell the sought after device for four years.

For now, though, the important thing is that T-Mobile customers can finally look forward to joining the iRanks.

[via CNET]