Two plainclothes NYPD detectives fatally shot a man in Queens on Saturday night after he pulled an air pistol on them. NYPD Commissioner Paul Browne says that the detectives had just arrested a 33-year-old man in a drug sting when the man pulled a weapon on them after emerging from what they believe was a "black livery cab." One detective fired five rounds while the other fired just a single shot, striking the suspect in the torso and leg. The weapon turned out to be a Walther CP99, an imitation Glock air pistol.

Browne said that the two detectives, ages 42 and 48, both joined the force in 2003. Neither one of them had fired their weapons on duty prior to this incident. The 42-year-old man they shot will be identified pending family investigation, but Browne said he was arrested 39 times in Miami and New York for charges including assault, criminal possession of a weapon and first degree robbery. Both detectives will be placed on paid leave while an investigation is carried out.

[via Gothamist]