Remember those fake NYPD drone ads that popped up around the anniversary of Occupy Wall Street? Well the NYPD has finally apprehended the artist behind them, and they were not forgiving. An interview that 29-year-old Essam Attia did with Animal in September aided police in finding him. "That first night I couldn’t sleep at all," he said. 

"My heart was pumping and I kept waking up in a cold sweat. Bloomberg, Kelly and his cronies are not going to take this lightly if I get caught." He was absolutely right, as he was charged with "56 counts of criminal possession of a forged instrument, grand larceny possession of stolen property and weapons possession after allegedly having an unloaded .22-caliber revolver under his bed at his Manhattan apartment " following his Wednesday arrest.

Attia posted bail and will be back in court on Dec. 3. Bucky Turco of Animal told Gothamist that his site did not aid the NYPD in arresting Attia at all. In what's described as "an email dripping with sarcasm," he said "What a great use of NYPD resources....The city is much safer now that this dangerous thought-provoking artist has been apprehended."

[via Gothamist]