It looks like Nokia is entering the tablet game. The Verge is reporting that the Finnish company is expected to release its own device next year, possibly as early as February at the Mobile World Congress. As Tom Warren reports:

Nokia's tablet will include HDMI and USB ports and a 10.1-inch display that's similar to Microsoft's Surface RT screen. Nokia's tablet will also include cellular connectivity and we understand that AT&T will be one of the first to stock it in the US. We're told that the large majority of Nokia's focus with its tablet is on a battery-equipped cover. Nokia will release a special cover for the tablet that envelops it like a book. Clicking into place, the cover provides a keyboard and a kickstand for the tablet. Nokia has also built a battery into the cover that can be used to power the tablet once it runs low on energy. Two USB ports on the case will also provide additional connectivity. We understand that the main tablet will have a 10-hour capacity with fast charging that boosts the battery capacity to 50 percent in a short period of time.

No word yet on just how much the tablet will cost customers, but it will run on an ARM chip with Microsoft's new Windows RT operating system.

What do you think: will Nokia's tablet be able to contend with Apple's iPad or the recently-unveiled Surface? 

[via The Verge]