Even if you didn't find a Wii U waiting for you under the tree or in a very large stocking on Christmas morning, you still might be able to enjoy Nintendo's latest console before your holiday break is up. Just grab the standard edition Wii U at Best Buy for the normal $300 price tag and they'll throw in a free copy of Nintendo Land in what we assume is a limited-time-only deal.

Normally the Wii U standard edition doesn't come with any games, so this bundle would cost $360 (plus tax). The Wii U deluxe package, on the other hand, normally comes with Nintendo Land plus a few other goodies, like digital deals and more storage on the system, but that costs $350. So if all you want is the white system and the game, and you don't care about the extras, then this is the deal for you.

Did you get a Wii U for Christmas? Did you want one?

[via neoGAF]