You can find anything and everything on the Internet. There is plenty of available and useful information accessible on the 'net, but there's also a ton of craziness as well. We may need to put this one in the latter section. A website called Potential Prostitutes looks to point out possible sex workers with the help of everyday people. Here's how it goes down:

Currently we operate based on the efforts from motivated members of their local community who have at one point or another come into contact with a potential prostitute online and feel they can be a threat. All of our offenders have been reported by local members who feel these offenders should be taught a lesson before their actions escalate. 

While the site works towards discouraging "other potential offenders from doing the very same thing" by exposing who is a potential prostitute, the woman's name can be deleted from their database for a small fee. So much for doing a service for the public, huh?   

[via Jezebel]