Nintendo Power is gone, but we learned today that its legacy will live on—in the form of Nintendo Force, a brand new magazine with a staff composed of "a dream team" of Nintendo games journalists. IGN's Lucas Thomas wrote in his announcement of the new publication:

The day after NP's cancellation was announced last August, I sent out an email to some of the biggest names in Nintendo games journalism around the world. Its subject line was, simply, "Keeping Nintendo Power Alive!" In that email I proposed an alliance—the forming of a dream team of Nintendo fans to come together and collectively trive to continue NP's legacy. Everyone agreed. They were all on baord. We became united, a team, a Force of fans coming together with the common goal of not letting nearly 25 yaers of continuous Nintendo coverage in print come to an end just because somebody decided to prematurely unplug the Power.

Head to to read the full, official announcement and mission statement for the new magazine, and follow them on Twitter/like them on Facebook, as well.

It's unclear what Nintendo's stake in all this is—presumably Nintendo Force had to get permission to use the name, but other than that little is known. And it's doubly unclear how they plan to keep Nintendo Force afloat when Nintendo Power literally just shut down. How will they succeed where others failed? No doubt all will be revealed in time, and in the meantime we wish them luck.