In order to have any chance of competing with The Avengers movie, Warner Brothers is going to have to pull out all of the stops for its upcoming Justice League adaptation. And if the latest rumor from Latino Review is to be believed, the studio might have found a way to do it because, according to the site, Darkseid will be the main villain in the movie.

While the Avengers were busy fighting against some CGI aliens with no personality in their big screen debut, the Justice League will be battling the godly personification of death himself if this is true. Some comic book fans might cry foul that Darkseid looks just like Thanos, who is rumored to be the foe in Avengers 2, but you have to realize that Darkseid was created years prior by the legendary Jack Kirby. Thanos was just Marvel’s answer to his success.

This character has been a part of countless classic DC stories over the years, and if Warner Brothers can pull this off like the writers and artists for the comic books have been able to, then we’re looking at a superhero movie to definitely get excited about in 2015.

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[via Latino Review]