On Wednesday night, a naked man caused a disturbance in downtown Los Angeles, climbing on top of a car and stomping on it before finally he decided to chill and just reclined on it. Oh, he was completely naked at the time. The unidentified male was first seen naked in the lobby of an apartment building. Residents assumed he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

In a video recorded by a passerby, the man is seen mounting a red Mustang, stomping on it and causing a complete scene before reclining atop the vehicle. Aside from being naked, he was also covered in blood. That's when the man and the driver got into it:

"[The suspect] charged the driver of the Mustang. The driver of the Mustang was standing in front of his female partner. In a will to defend her, he struck the individual in the chin and dazed him and knocked him to the ground. That gave the public safety [officers] a couple of minutes to catch up with him and to detain him across the street."

The man was eventually arrested for suspicion of felony vandalism and taken to County-USC Medical Center for an evaluation. The Mustang suffered a dented hood and shattered windshield, but neither the driver not his female companion were injured.

[via LAist]