This week, the New York Post gave extensive coverage to model Niki Ghazian and her quest to have sex before the rumored end of the world. Ghazian didn't get any (or so she says), but what we're left with is this remarkable Post cover featuring Ghazian clad in a red bra. 

Ghazian explained that she wasn't simply looking for a cheap thrill when she told the Post “I wasn’t looking for a random hook-up.” However, people didn't react positively to Ghazian's admission that she didn't want to die in the midst of a "dry spell." “It’s just unfair. I just went out and had fun. I wasn’t going out to get laid," she said in response to people calling her a "whore."

Ghazian said that she was close to achieving her goal while at a yacht party, but alas, no cigar. In the wake of her journey and 15 minutes of fame, she found amusement in the fact that people didn't catch on to her joke. The new year is right around the corner, so hopefully she'll end 2012 with a bang before then.

[via Gothamist]

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