The gap between Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition and the PC version of Minecraft is about to narrow even further with title updates 7 and 8.

While update number 8 will add "The End," a final boss battle with an enormous Ender Dragon, update 7 will arrive first with the following:

> Animal Breeding
> Potion Brewing
> Experience Points
> Enchantment Table
> Mushroom Biome
> Nether Fortress
> New Tutorial World
> Villagers
> Mooshrooms
> Blaze
> Snow Golems
> Magma Cubes
> Baby Animals

The list of Minecraft features on Xbox 360 is looking more complete with every update, though ocelots, jungles, spawn eggs and Iron Golems are still missing. No word yet on an exact release date, but 4J has promised more info soon.

[via Joystiq]