Emojis, those paragons of modern texting that comprise emoticons and various illustrated characters, are stuck in the pre-integration era. That's the injustice recently highlighted by 20-year-old pop-star-turned-civil-rights-activist Miley Cyrus, who points out that although there are currently emojis for various ethnicities, none exist for black people.

It all started when Sephora's official Twitter account called for more colors of the nail painting emoji, which is currently only available in pink. Miley, who apparently follows the cosmetics retailer, saw the tweet and used it as an opportunity to call out a more gaping omission.

She then reached out to her own followers to drum up support for emoji equality.

Preach, Miley. Given your last display of affection for people of color, we certainly appreciate the effort.

[via Beta Beat]

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