It looks like Microsoft is taking a page out of Apple's playbook by expanding its reach with the opening of six more retail stores. It's been a big year for Microsoft, too, having released Windows 8, the Surface tablet, Windows 8 Phone software, and an updated Xbox interface.

The new retail stores will open in both major and small cities, including San Antonio, Miami, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and Beachwood (Ohio).

As Venture Beat reports: 

In a clear mimicking of Apple’s retail strategy, Microsoft opened 51 “full-line” and “specialty” stores in 2012 and tried to increase consumer awareness of its latest technologies by letting people try out its software and devices in person.

Jonathan Adashek, general manager of Microsoft's Sales & Marketing Services Group, noted in a blog post: "We have always said that we will adjust our strategy, and open additional stores to deliver the choice, value and service our Microsoft customers have come to expect."

However, the question remains: Can Microsoft's retail stores reposition the company as a go-to leader in tech and help re-establish its dominance?

[via Venture Beat]