A Miami Beach fireman and a Miami-Dade police officer have been sentenced after they were busted last year for running cocaine. The well-documented bust unveiled a world of corruption that cost Miami Beach City Manager Jorge Gonzalez his position. 

Henry Bryant and Daniel Mack were caught thanks to Bryant's role in another corruption scandal involving Miami Beach code inspectors agreeing to ignore a South Beach nightclub's health code violations in exchange for cash. The club owner contacted federal agents, who sent an undercover agent to handle the situation.

Bryant would later discuss arranging a shipment of cocaine with police protection. With the help of Mack, he transported 20 kilos of what they both thought was cocaine inside of a police cruiser. They were rewarded with $25,000—and prison time.

Bryant was sentenced to 22 years behind bars, while Mack was sentenced to 15.

[via Miami New Times]