Today show anchor Matt Lauer is reportedly "freaked out" and "miserable" that lots of people have been yelling at him on the streets of NYC, angry over the fact that Ann Curry is no longer his co-anchor on the series. Hashtag sad face!

According to TMZ - so maybe take this with a grain of salt - the harassment has been incessant, and mostly involves people screaming things like "You're a bad guy,"and "You got Ann fired. Does that make you happy?" Additionally, network sources have also told the gossip site that there have been criticisms of Lauer's $25 million salary, probably because that's a ridiculous salary.

Lauer apparently feels "abused," and claims he had nothing to do with Curry's firing, even though there have been reports that he made it clear when he resigned his contract that he wanted Curry off the show. "It's driving him crazy," the source said. "He's so unhappy."

So guys, seriously, stop harassing Matt Lauer - it's making him sad.

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[via TMZ]